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My name is Melissa Neidhold - artist, educator, mother and wife.

I'm also passionate about Mental Health.

My intention is to empower others through authentically sharing my story, art and perspective.

I highly value people's unique stories, struggles and triumphs and believe we can benefit from sharing them.


My YouTube channel is dedicated to reading children's literature aloud.


The focus of the channel is providing children with an eclectic mix of free literature, read with expression.


My story



- Educator, Artist, Mental Health Advocate

- Mother and wife

- Pastimes : family, gardening, playing guitar, snow skiing




- Born in 1982 

- From Spokane, WA

- Parents split around 1985

- Attended 6 different elementary schools

- My mother went to impatient treatment in 1996

- Played various sports throughout Middle School and High School

- Cheerleader for 3 years

- High School ASB President

- Worked at Papa Murphy's during my junior and senior years

- Recipient of the Gates Achievers Scholarship

- Full Ride to any WA State 4-year college of my choice

- Taught myself to play guitar

- My mother gave birth to my little sister

- Lived in Florence, Italy for 6 months

- Exhibited my art in multiple shows

- Moved to Portland, OR and worked for an art gallery

- MA in Education, Eastern Washington University- Became a certified teacher

- Substitute Taught for years

- Full-time taught for years

- Met my husband on a rooftop in Seattle

- Moved to Bethesda, MD

- Gave birth to our daughter

- Moved back to WA

- Taught some more

- Gave birth to our son

- Started staying at home with the kiddos

- Embarked on reading aloud on YouTube

- Currently building a Public Speaking platform

- Currently working on art

- Currently raising incredible humans


Public Speaking - THE WHY


Let me preface this section by sharing with you, my brain is not bursting with optimism and sunshine. 


Periodically, my emotions take over and it's difficult to manage everyday life.


Over the years, it's become easier.


Now, I want to share how I redirect my own brain when negative thoughts creep in. 


Negative thoughts are something we all experience and can benefit from knowing how to control, because of this, I have built THE WHY.


THE WHY is an authentic, interactive presentation surrounding Mental Health.


THE WHY includes a brief personal bio, followed by a discussion surrounding the power of self-care and perseverance. 


The information presented is raw, compelling and relatable.


Your group will leave feeling a sense of camaraderie and motivation.

Presentations are adapted to fit the needs of each group and last approx. 45 minutes.


"The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be."

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

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