The Why

Created by Melissa Neidhold

About The Why

The Why is a mindset that fosters emotional balance.


Why am I thinking this?

Why am I doing this?


By asking ourselves 'why' on a regular basis,

we start to gain a sense of self-awareness.


The Why was born out of a need to recalibrate my own emotional balance.


I found myself completely distraught after the realization that my mother was enveloped in her addiction. I was in 8th grade - I'm now 38.

I started asking myself 'why' and gained a sense of control.


Why am I thinking this?

Why am I doing this?


Our lives are complex and chaotic at times.


Having a tool to work through the chaos helps. For me, it was life saving.


Every person deserves the chance to live a healthy, productive life.


By becoming self-aware, we ignite a flame in our soul  infinitely burns. 






Bag of Eggs

My story

Mother, wife, teacher, artist.


I earned my BA in Fine Arts from Washington State University and my MA in Early Childhood Education from Eastern Washington University.

My biggest emotional setback has always been my mother's addiction. Regardless of how far I have come or the accomplishments made, the pain associated with her continues to resurface.


The Why was born out of a need to process the anxiety that comes with that pain.

Once I started asking myself 'why' when the pain surfaced, my perspective shifted. The simple question of 'why' changed everything for me.


Journaling and visual arts have also been significant emotional outlets throughout my life. Links to both my Gallery and Blog can be found above.

By sharing what has worked in my life, I hope to help others maintain an emotional balance.


Together, we are stronger.



Public Speaking

I strongly believe that we are happier humans when we're able to gauge and care for our own mental health.


The Why Presentation includes a brief personal bio, followed by a conversation on empathy, perspective and perseverance. The audience is asked to think about their biggest emotional struggle and why it's a struggle.

By finding the root, we can start to move forward. 


The information presented is compelling and relatable. Your group will leave feeling a sense of self-awareness, motivation and togetherness.

Presentations are adapted to fit the needs of each group and last approx. 45 minutes.



"The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be."

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

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